Senior UI Designer
(FA 22/006)

About the Role

We’re looking for a well seasoned UI designer who will be working with a team of UX and UI colleagues on designing some of the regions most progressive financial services and government applications, websites and experiences. You’ll be a tinkerer and explorer of creative yet usable interfaces, full of amazing ideas, passionate about your craft, have intricate attention to detail and have the stamina for a marathon, not just a sprint.

Our UI team forms the Experience Design and Strategy function, along with Research, Strategy & UX. Although we differentiate between each respective design function, we grow our talent into “T” shaped professionals to create Product Designers; seniors with the knowledge and capability to take a project from end to end, and lead one. You can find out more about us below.

What you do

  • Work in a cross-functional team of talented designers and engineers. You will play a vital role in the wider design team, providing the components, guidelines and standards that they will adopt.
  • Have a good understanding of design thinking tools and methodologies. What makes a senior designer, senior, is the understanding of user  journeys, problem/solution context and technology.
  • Create pixel perfect designs and detailed specifications for components, patterns, interactions and behaviours. Work together with the UX team to define interaction and animation.
  • Help define and uphold design standards, guidelines and best practices across the Gravitas Team, not just the junior members.
  • Comprehensive understanding of developing, managing and growing design libraries and systems. And how to take them further than Sketch.
  • You enjoy rolling up the sleeves and getting your hands dirty. Doing and thinking is a part of everyone’s job at Gravitas. You lead by example, not by words.
  • Comprehensive understanding and application of design thinking principles and tools. Know what tool to apply when. Know your difference between UI and VD.
  • Be brave to break out from the process, break away from status quo and find new ways of doing things. Mould processes and techniques around the needs of the client (and the project).
  • Have the skills and techniques needed to support and balance team recommendations with research, analytics, usability testing, customer insights and other quantitative/qualitative insights as appropriate to advance ideas forward.
  • Be a leader, example and inspiration for the Experience Design & Strategy function at Gravitas to inspire and commit teams to long-term client success.
  • Creative problem solving. You think outside the box and you highlight possible solutions, not just the problems.
  • Be curious, try to understand the way things work and why. Have bold (feasible) ideas and share them. And listen to what others have to say too.
  • Be ready to win awards, clients and media interest as a result of your ideas, leadership and brilliant executions.
  • Mentor and support junior members by reviewing/supporting work, coordinating workloads and working closely with the Project Management Office.
  • Be able to tell a good story and structure an argument well. Design and think with reason and logic. But also understand you are only 1 point of view.
  • A strong creative thinker is always at the fore-front of the latest best practices and trends. You stay abreast of innovations in best practices, tools and topics of interest to the design community and help infuse them back into the team.
  • You’re comfortable to work remote and with remote teams.

Who you are

  • Have minimum 7 years professional experience.
  • Hold excellent written and spoken English. Arabic is a plus.
  • Experience with and passion for modular design, systems and technology.
  • Ability to articulate design decisions and the value of design systems to our internal and external stakeholders.
  • Experience working across websites, mobile applications and wearables. AR & VR a plus.
  • Experience working on adaptive and responsible interfaces. And understand the difference between the two.
  • Strong client presentation and visual communication style, excellent verbal and written skills mandatory. Be able to form and tell a good story.
  • Strong client management skills with the ability to balance scope, brand objectives and user goals.
  • Able to differentiate between “leadership” and “management”.
  • Have a sense of responsibility, ownership and accountability towards the rest of the team.
  • Comfortable working with tight deadlines across multiple projects and clients all the while keeping your A-game.
  • Have excellent time management skills.
  • Have natural curiosity to understand the “why”. Ask questions, be able to form a point of view and be able to defend it.
  • Excellent team working and collaboration skills.
  • Be eager to learn from the whole team. No matter the seniority, everyone has something to learn, and something to teach others.
  • Financial services experience is a plus, preferably in banking.
  • Working knowledge and experience of Agile methodologies such as SCRUM, SaFe & Kanban is a must. Along with the respectful ceremonies.
  • Have some understanding of front-end technologies and their capabilities. You don’t have to be an expert but you should understand how they impact the overall project and work. And be able to adapt your approach accordingly.
  • Hold a strong portfolio of work across a variety of clients, including enterprise level projects (large scale, multiple stakeholders, long term). Please include a link to your portfolio with the application.


  • Occasional to regular travel across UAE and other GCC and Middle East Countries may be required.
  • Due to COVID-19, we are suspending all travel requirements until it is safe to resume.

Your Toolbox

  • Sketch
  • Slack
  • Abstract / Zeplin
  • Marvel
  • Jira & Confluence
  • Miro Boards (Real Time Boards)
  • No need to mention MacOS, Microsoft Suite and Adobe CC are a given.

Your Superpower

X-Ray Vision


We seek people with curiosity and ambition, no matter what your music taste is, who inspires you or how you drink your coffee.

We care about your passion, creativity, ethics and drive, we want to work with you to unlock your full potential and create amazing.

Job Description