User focused.
Business Led.
Technology Enabled.

Armed with doctorates in common sense, our service design thinking toolkits & frameworks, business acumen and subject matter expertise, we design exceptional digital and physical customer experiences that puts the human (employees & customers) experience at the heart of the solution.

We unpack the way an organisation delivers a product today, then work with clients to reimagine how people, process and technology come together to manifest happier customers & employees, while delivering on critical business outcomes with beautiful interfaces.

The right balance between think and make.

More often than not, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, and that means we don’t need 3 months of strategy consulting to tell us what we need to do to solve obvious problems we know. However, there are challenges when, it’s imperative to stop, breathe and think… What problem are we solving? Is this actually the problem? How will we create value?

Our “Think” means our consultants look beyond ‘the digital’ as the panacea for our clients’ transformation challenges. We analyse the organisational and environmental constructs that will be needed to make technology successful and then we “Make”. And more often than not, we do both simultaneously, because we can always start by addressing the quick-wins.

We understand digital is about people & culture as much as technology.

We believe design must be strategic, not just visible & beautiful. A customer’s (and employees) experience of your digital products and physical space is a manifestation of how well internal technology, people, processes and culture are designed. After all, it’s people who innovate, not businesses.

We support clients to help reshape their organisational culture, build design into the DNA of their human capital and realign it to facilitate the innovation process and digital transformation.

The Gravitas Academy.

Enabling our clients and building internal capability is part of our operating system. We help you become less dependent on external parties by building internal teams, providing expertise to up-skill and equip people with the tools and methodologies needed to succeed in a digital experience age.

We work with you to design ways of working models to enable your new team of experts to thrive and move you forward.

Training & Capability Building

We believe in specialists and collaboration.

We partner with passionate and deeply experienced specialists.


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