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Innovation & Acceleration.

Innovation has one goal…

We do not believe in innovation for innovation’s sake. We do not believe innovation is solely digital.

We believe that true and sustainable innovation is about primarily harnessing the power of creativity through human capital and manifesting it into business transformation that creates sustainable and growth focused businesses.

With the rise of technology and globalisation, the once unassailable competitive advantage of large corporations has been replaced by transient advantage i.e. no matter how big you are, innovate or perish.

Our innovation services have one aim: create sustainable growth.

  • A more customer centric organisation
  • Design thinking capability
  • A more collaborative workforce
  • Increase incremental revenue
  • Great customer experiences

Our Innovation Services.

Designed to create sustainable growth.


Innovation Lab Strategy
We tailor a strategy for innovation with C Level executives.

Innovation Days
Explore the potential of opportunities and action plans to realise them.

Google Sprints
We run 5-day design workshops to answer critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing with customers.

Workshops for your employees to unleash their creativity in the pursuit of business value.

Digital Factory Strategy
We identify the capability gaps, the required tools and methodologies, design a Way of Working Model and enable you to “make”.


Lab & Factory Operating Model
We develop a detailed Target Operating Model designed around your organisation, vision and needs.

Lab Space Design
From design concepts & branding to zoning & physical space design, we ensure the physical space meets the requirements of the strategy.

Innovation Lab Build
We assist in tender evaluation, contractor selection advisory, build management, hardware procurement and quality control.

Innovation Lab Setup
We execute the operating model and operationalise to ensure the lab is ready to deliver value from day 1.

Innovation Lab Operations
We co-operate the Labs to ensure innovation velocity and transfer of capability to your teams.

Develop, operationalise & staff user research and usability labs to inform and validate every decision.

Dev & Design Ops
We help you develop an agile capability combined with a ways of working model that integrates with the rest of the business.

4 key principles to a successful Innovation Center.

The Gravitas Innovation Diamond defines the 4 key principles needed to create a successful Innovation Center.

They are bound together by a Strategy or “Program” designed to deliver output from every quadrant through the various functional areas of the Center.

The space design, zoning and activities carried out by each function of the lab need to contribute towards the 4 key principles. The Strategy of the center ultimately decides the proportionate distribution and emphasis on each quadrant.

One does not simply innovate.

An organization does not become innovative overnight nor should it. Nor should an organisation expect to see leaps in innovation within a year of implementing an innovation program.

We approach innovation as a journey that needs to be nurtured, shaped and carefully deployed in an organisation to achieve maximum value.

Talk to us about the Innovation Maturity Model we developed to help our clients mobilise and then mature to deliver a winning innovation journey.

Our innovation toolkit.

At Gravitas we have created an exhaustive services toolkit that is customised for each of our clients.

The Gravitas Innovation Toolkit highlights the depth of services delivered by the Innovation center to the business. The toolkit is modular by design and each module can be combined to create one service or a completely customised activity. Each toolkit comes complete with methodologies, templates, job description and guides.

The aim is for each activity is to contribute to all 4 parts of the Innovation Diamond, although they usually lean towards one specific area.

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