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Training & Capability Building.

Build, operate & transfer.

As organisations begin to adopt agile ways of working and build internal design and product development capability, they are faced with the task of creating new teams and disciplines they have never previously managed.

These changes bring about challenges of evolving a company structure, policies and processes.

As part of our operating model we seek to enable organisations to leverage the maximum return on their investment in people and transformation in two ways.

Firstly, we advise our clients on what is required to integrate new teams into existing operating models and assist in adapting and creating new ways of working. We work together with our clients to identifying capability gaps, create talent development plans and provide internal training and seminars to up-skill internal talent.

Secondly, we create and execute strategies on transforming the wider organisational culture from within to be able to absorb and foster the new talent and ways of working.

Our Capability Building Services.

We help you build & develop solid product teams.


Training & Development Plans
Identify talent gaps and create skill development plans to up-skill employees.

Identify talent requirements and assist in developing job descriptions, hiring and setting KPIs.

Professional Services
Provide oversight by industry specialists to govern and mentor talent.


Operating Models
Create target operating models for designOps and devOps to enable your new teams to operate and integrate with the rest of the business.

Processes & Policies
Identify the gaps in current operating models and establish new processes and polices.

Establish industry tools required for new teams to operate and work efficiently.

On the Job Training
Create and provide design, development, research and agile training classroom sessions and seminars.

Develop policies and procedures for usability and customer research testing and work with your internal team to implement, train and operationalise.

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